Romantic and Creative Photoshoots in Italy for Couples in Love

"Gusciammo fuori, a remare sul lago di Como"

Lovestory on Lake Como

Kseniya Palchik | Wedding photographer


Whether you're envisioning an exciting trip to Italy for your engagement or elopement, I'm delighted that you found your way here. My aim is to be the one who effortlessly captures the essence of your love and celebration.


Quote by Rum

“Love is the whole thing. We are only the pieces”

Lost time is never found again

"Non vogliamo vivere in eterno, bensì vivere intensamente"

Lovestory in Milan

My images are more than just photographs - they are a reflection of the genuine connection you share with each other and the sheer joy that radiates from each moment


Elopements in Italy

My love story photography service is not only for couples who are dating or engaged, but also for those who want to elope in Italy. Elopement is a trend that is gaining popularity among couples who want to have a wedding ceremony just for themselves, escaping the stress and pressure of a traditional wedding. If you want to elope in Italy, I can help you plan and organize your intimate and romantic wedding. I can assist you with finding the best location, the legal requirements, the officiant, the flowers, the cake, and anything else you may need. I can also capture your wedding ceremony and your post-wedding photoshoot with my camera, creating a beautiful story of your special day. Elopement in Italy will be a wonderful experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.


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