I strongly believe in the importance of printing photos, which is why I provide my couples with full wedding galleries containing hundreds of images to choose from. However, there is something truly magical about seeing your wedding photos printed on high-quality paper and holding a book filled with them in your hands. These albums are a true embodiment of visual storytelling. I take great care in designing these albums for you, ensuring that every important moment, no matter how big or small, as well as all the elements and people that made your day special, are included.


By combining top-notch materials and custom design, these albums allow you to relive your wedding day as if it were yesterday and cherish your precious memories in a tangible form.



I offer only premium photo albums

Only hand work,  with maximum attention to every detail

Layout without limits

Photo album unfold 180 degrees, which makes it possible to freely type a photo book and implement any creative idea. Photos that are placed on the entire spread look very impressive

Your album will be a special

You can choose exactly the material that will complement your photos as much as possible. And a wide range of types of personalization will make your album unique.

And I'm here to help you choose the ultimate design for your photo album

Highest print quality

I have searched for the ultimate quality to print photo albums, and finally, I found them! All my photo albums are printed in the Noritsu chemical photo laboratory, using only the best chemistry and photo paper produced by FUJI. Today it is one of the best types of printing, guaranteed to retain its qualities for 100 years

Built for generations to come

To create photo albums, high-quality plastic with a thickness of 0.5 mm is used, which does not deform over time. Manual work and control at all stages ensure accurate and reliable assembly

Classic photo album

Dimensions: 20x30cm or 30x30cm


  • sand or light interspersed linen with embossing
  • eco leather

Number of pages: 30

Material of papers: silk

Price: 450 euro

Custom on request