A Wedding Tale in Tuscany

In the vibrant atmosphere of Monaco, Alicja and Kevin embarked on their journey as colleagues, gradually weaving a tale of love over seven remarkable years. Their enduring connection, a narrative of shared moments and mutual growth, speaks volumes about their bond.

A Perfect Elopement on Lake Como

Anastasija and Nikita's love story started with a swipe on Tinder in Latvia one chilly autumn night. Over seven years, their journey has been filled with laughter, experiences, and love. Now, their story reaches its magical climax with a wedding at Lake Como, Italy.

La Dolce Vita on Lake Como

Parisa and Amir, both healthcare providers, met by chance at a California hospital's emergency department. Amir's caring and calm demeanor captivated Parisa, leading her to fall in love with him.

A Fashion Forward Wedding in Italy

Bianca and Francesco live in Milano and work as fashion models. Working for the wedding industry as models quite often they wanted to make sure that their REAL wedding would be the translation of their personalities and life as a mixed cultural couple.